ORCA prides itself in providing Industry leading training to Government, and its agencies,
Also to the private sector. Training covers both competency based and non-competency training including all aspects of preparedness and response


Having well trained staff that are fully experienced in the latest equipment and techniques is vital to the preparedness you require in oil spill first strike response. Your staff will usually be the first on scene and the better prepared they are to contain a spill, the better the outcome will be.

Orca’s staff are fully trained in pollution response using worlds best practice techniques and are fully qualified to train both government and industry utilizing the latest equipment


whether your operating a marina or a refinery ORCA can develop site specific first strike response training to suit your environment using your equipment to gain the maximum efficiencies and the minimum environmental impact


ORCA is accredited to provide training for, and on behalf of, the Australian Marine Safety Authority (AMSA) with regards to oil spill response and are nationally accredited.

  • Basic equipment operator course

PUAOIL201 – Use Basic Equipment operations for Oil spill Response

2 Day Course covering Basic Equipment operations of inshore booms, skimmers, absorbents, and operational techniques. Other areas covered are OH&S requirements as per a Tier 1 size spill

This Course Allows participants to be qualified to become members of the state-based oil response team and is an ideal course for state-based agencies or for marine and petrochemical workers who would be exposed to pollution events for up to 16 participants

The issuing RTO for this training is RTO 90708 GEMS Pty Ltd

Advanced equipment Operators Course

  • PUAOIL302- Use Advanced Equipment for oil spill response

5 Day course Covering Advanced equipment operations of Offshore or large spill. This course covers offshore equipment usage and maintenance, Marine operations and coordination Site specific deployment plans, logistics involved in dealing with large spills and response strategies relating to a tier 2 or tier 3 size pollution event

This Course allows participants to be a member of the National oil spill response team and is the ideal course for both government and industry based workers who would be called upon to participate in a large scale response for up to 16 participants The issuing RTO for this training is AMSA


    • Introduction To Oil Spills

    ½ day course. The perfect introduction to what can go wrong and how it can be handled and how to identify what is required in your environment to combat a pollution event for up to 12 participants. This course is targeted at anyone who could be effected by an oil spill in their marine environment either through work or social / sporting/ club activities

    • First strike Response training

    1 full day. This course is designed to be site and equipment specific to assist maritime or on the water staff on how to best respond as a first strike team to minimise the effects of an oil spill whilst awaiting assistance or to complete the clean up if possible in house

    Typical participants of this course are marina staff and ship to shore transfer teams or anyone who would be immediately involved in the event of a pollution incident

    • Dispersant Technique’s and oil spill observations

    This is a specialized 3 Hour course aim directly and rig tender vessel crew or service vessel crews who have an obligation to commence spill response operations as a first strike capability offshore

Specialized Training and Exercise Writing

ORCA specialize in designing training packages and exercises to suit your needs and in your environment

Covering from theoretical and practical desktops right through to and including practical deployment

We Also cover Safety services such as JSHAs SWMS and conducting Risk assessments for your environment




ORCAS in house training facility is a 40 seat training room located upstairs in our Williamstown Facility

As this Facility houses Federal and state assets from boom to Vessels everything desired for Spill response training is in one place with a short 5 minute trip to many and varied deployment sites


It is ideally situated on the second level with large windows that overlook the stock pile of equipment, which quite
often allows questions on equipment to be quickly answered without having to leave the room, and trainees are
able to see it.

We can also be arranged to see any equipment close up so people have a thorough understanding of what they can
be working with or see in the process of their working environment.



The training room offers comfortable seating for up to 40 people, with breakaway areas and group divisions.

Training room is equipped with:

  • Fixed projectors with sound
  • White boards
  • Televisions
  • Radios
  • Other conference tools are also available

Catering is supplied as per requirements.


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