Small spill response kits & ORCA’s first oil response vessel

ORCA Spill Kit

ORCA has developed and manufactured a small oil spill response kit that is suited for use in sheltered waters such as harbours, marinas, rivers and lakes.

This equipment compromises of:

Fence boom

Small skimmer

Response vessel for deployment of equipment

Anchor kits

ORCA’s first oil response vessel

ORCA have been in the process of completing our first Oil Response Vessel. This has been designed as a sturdy,
purposely built work vessel. It has the following specifications:

Surveyed for 2D waters, 4 crew.

Length: 5.6 metres.

Beam: 2.3 metres.

Plating: 4 mm bottom and sides.

Powered by 50 hp 4 stroke outboards.

Surveyed for 2D waters, 4 crew.


ORCA does not have any commercial alliances with equipment manufacturers.
This was a policy decision of the company, allowing ORCA to
advise clients regarding the best products for their requirements.

Leasing and sale of oil pollution equipment:

ORCA is able to source equipment to fit your requirements. We are not affiliated with any manufacturing companies, so when we recommend equipment you can be assured it is fit for purpose for your environment.

We also have a leasing program available which includes equipment, training and ongoing maintenance and support. We have Tier 1 Spill Kits which can be delivered and maintained by us. By doing this you are ready for a response and know that your equipment is well maintained and ready for use at a moments notice.

We also train your staff as a first strike team for any response that may be required. We are also available to back any first strike team.




ORCA has in-depth knowledge and understanding of the industry that it serves. Since its inception in 1996 the
company has progressively increased its capability and capacity to meet the needs of Government and Industry in a number of areas.

These include equipment storage, maintenance and repair services, on call spill response and spill response training at a number of levels.

As a result of this increased capacity, Government departments and Industry have made use of the company’s knowledge,
experience and services in the local, national and international arena.

By way of example, the Federal Government (AMSA) has sought advice and operational
support from ORCA in training members of its National Response Team. In addition, State Government bodies
have utilised ORCA’s services during the last three years.


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